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Mittwoch, 26-10-16 09:09

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Mittwoch, 26-10-16 07:10

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Dienstag, 25-10-16 04:38

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I subscribe to your podcast via iTunes, I found your podcast last week! Thank you for taking the time to podcast. As a young quilter (under 30), it’s a great benefit for me. I just listened to this episode and could not stop laughing! THE Husband is a cut up. He reminds me of my boyfriend when I take over the formal dining room/table with my projects. (I’ve learned if I keep him involved his encouragement keeps me motivated.) Thanks again.


Dienstag, 25-10-16 02:34

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great post I do share your point of view concerning memoirs…what I love the most about those is how easily you can identify yourself with other people’s stories; that your life doesn’t need to be extraordinary or full of big exploitations… you need only write it with your feelings, ideas and expectations!Elizabeth Gilbert’s is a great one good luck


Montag, 24-10-16 15:34

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It looks like you figured it out Seth?! Sorry for the delay, but internet access is a luxury at our current location/s so I’m a bit behind on replies. I assume this is for SSv6. Either way, it should work but you will need to enter it on each page unless you include it in the footer (which looks to be what you’ve done).


Montag, 24-10-16 09:30

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Dear fourth grade,                I'm in New Delhi, India visiting my grandparents. Right now I am hearing a bunch of firecrackers bursting and the reason is it is Diwali. The Festival of Lights! I have henna on both my hands on both sides. It is almost time for me to make some booming and cracking noises! :] My mom just asked me if I brushed my teeth this morning. Duh! By the way I have to use bottled water for everything!!!!! I'm about to have some mouth watering food!!! Jealous? See ya!


Montag, 24-10-16 07:59

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Hallo Thomas,Ich habe gestern deinen Blog gefunden, seitdem VERSCHLINGE ich einfach jeden Artikel von dir. Es ist der Wahnsinn wie sehr du dich verändert hast. Ich werde mir dein Trainingspaket auf jedenfall beginnen. Ich habe bisher noch nie jemanden kennengelernt, der in dieser Branche so symphatisch und seriös rüber kommt wie du.DU bist mein Vorbild []Wow danke Denis Ich wünsche dir viel Erfolg!Beste GrüßeThomas[]